A free approach of prepared ingredients & preset skills

The Instant Groove Collective:
The Instant Groove Collective is a group of musicians and creative individuals that share the same way of making music together, led by Roger (Rogier) De Nijs. Performances & Projects follow an organic Route. Ideas come from raw and spontaneous outburst. Beats, Tracks & Compositions are used as starting points from where music is
(re-)created, on the spot. The main guide is the Groove.

The Repertoire consists of reinterpretations of existing music (own or others) and spontaneous improvisations.
Influences are: King Curtis & The Kingpins, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Jimi Hendrix, The Meters, The Roots, Black Dub, Fela Kuti etc.

The Instant Groove Collective is formerly known as The instrumentalz

Hiphop Jam with Locals @ B-There Festival