Rogier is an adventurous music-maker & drummer based in Berlin & the Netherlands.
He works in the historical building of the former DDR radio: Funkhaus Berlin.
For performances and projects, he travels mainly inside Europe.
Rogier doesn’t belong in one particular music-scene; it would feel like a limitation to him.
He wants to be free, move through different styles and be inspired with an open vision.

Typical for his playing is his open dynamic drumsound, organic groove and his versatility.
With his playing Roger wants to ’touch’ en ‘move’ people. His vision;
‘To make music the primary goal has to be to make music’

Currently Rogier plays is working on his album project ‘Soundtrack of the Plastic Age’. And the accompanying performance. Besides that he is getting his master degree in Music Therapy.

Graduated at the Conservatory of Tilburg; Drums, Percussion & Mallets with Frans van Grinsven.
Other teachers were Willem Kühne, Niko Langenhuijsen, Paul Spoelstra and Christian Bourdon.

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