Soundtrack of the Plastic Age

The backdrop of this performance features a garbage dump in an apocalyptic world, a fantasy universe littered with plastic trash collected from every possible place. In this surreal world, percussionists play a unique array of homemade instruments, specifically created for the performance from actual plastic waste. 

The performance Soundtrack of the Plastic Age is a statement against disposable culture and for a cleaner world with extraordinary original music!

A voyage through the Plastic Age: Soundtrack of the Plastic Age is a trip full of rousing percussion compositions and soundscapes.

Soundtrack of the Plastic Age is an audiovisual reflection of the time we live in today, the plastic age. Geologists also call this the ‘Plasticeen’, a geological period in which we find plastic as a ‘raw material’ in the soil.The Rogier De Nijs Group invites you to join them on a voyage to environmental hot spots where the major effects of our consumer society can best be seen. The use of video projections creates a 3D image on stage that pulls the audience even closer in for a great effect, submerged in his rousing percussion compositions and original soundscapes.

The Music
The instrumental compositions are narrative and capture the imagination. The titles reflect the expression of the compositions: ‘Lost in Excess’, ‘Plastic Eruption’, ‘Quest for Perspective’, ‘Solemn Walk’. Each one represents different perspectives of the Plasticeen Era. The music has been described as energetic and compelling but also fragile and refined.

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