In the ‘Percussive Soundscape’ concerts, a story is told that is picked out of the sky.
The story is an open conversation between the performers and is created in a organic way;
happening ‘in the moment’.
The audience is invited to join an experience and undergoes the same tensions and surprises as the performers.

This project is about free improvisation, which is seen as a primal expression.
That means going with the flow without thinking, for example, about a certain style.
Space plays an important role and there is conscious attention and alertness for surroundings;
The space played in and the audience that’s there.
The balance of the space between the performers is also important.
Output of the individual comes from the interaction of the performers and their surroundings. 

Roger is an adventurous drummer/composer based in Berlin.
He works in the historical building of the former DDR radio: Funkhaus Berlin.
For performances and projects, he still travels to his homeland the Netherlands and outside.
Roger doesn’t belong in one particular music scene; it would feel like a limitation to him.
He wants to be free, walk through different styles and be inspired with an open vision.